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The Todoist Bulletin

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Simplify, simplify

Life being what it is, things have a way of piling up. Dishes, junk mail, laundry... it just keeps coming! 

In our case, we noticed a pile of features — useful ones, too — that seemed to be getting in the way of the calm experience we want Todoist to be.

So we assembled our “Simplify Squad” to find a new, more intentional layout— focused on your stuff, not ours. After many months, it’s finally here!


“The new layout is looking pretty, minimal, and elegant -- absolutely a big update! love it especially for dark mode!”

“I love seeing how this little "Quick add" is moving in the layout with every little update of the beta.”

Simple, yet powerful.

Our new layout flows from this concept at the heart of our approach. Because life’s complex enough without cluttered apps!

“Thanks @todoist for making my life simple.
Really thankful to have this peaceful environment to put all my tasks. There is not a better solution out there.”

Why simplify? Ask Amir!

Why this?

Why not that?

Why now?

What’s next?

Drop your questions about the new layout into the form below, and Amir will answer them in next month’s Bulletin! 

Amir Salihefendić

Founder & CEO

of Doist

Teamwork makes
the theme work

the dream team

After analyzing the usage and lots of your feedback, we’ve curated a new set of themes designed to enhance the app’s sleek new look. 

We have bid farewell to a few, to keep our own workload reasonable... and to make room for the upcoming themes your feedback will help us choose! 

Productivity methods with naomi

Welcome to Enlightenment

With thousands of tasks completed, these tried-and-true Todoisters have reached our highest level of achievement. But they know it’s about the journey, not the destination.

before enlightenment:

create to-do's, complete to-do's

after enlightenment:

create to-do's, complete to-do’s

I HAVE DONE ITTTTTT!!!!!! :D onwards and upwards @todoist

Since 1 Apr 2019, I've completed 17747 tasks and have reached Todoist Karma Enlightenment!
Thank you @todoist and @amix3k for this amazing piece of software that completely changed my life

With 50K points and 15410 completed tasks, I’m joining just 0.05% of all

@todoist users who reach Enlightenment level Life-changing 3 years

I just reached @Todoist Karma Enlightenment level -- top 0.05% of users... Crazy!

A journey with @todoist is about 7 years long.

And also...

Want to be enlightened?


Questions for your Enlightened peers? Ask here, and get practical wisdom to help you find your flow.

Share your advice for your fellow Todoist users, and it may be featured in a future Monthly!

That’s all that’s new for now… see you next month!

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