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A Team Come True:

team workspaces

With thousands of teams — including ours — working in Todoist, we challenged ourselves to rethink and refine the team experience. Here’s what we’ve learned:

When individuals have what they need to feel organized and in control, teams succeed.

Join Stephen for an introduction to our new team features, including the thinking behind our approach — teams need love too! — and why our “simple yet powerful” mantra is here to stay.

Inside Team workspaces

Give your team a truly shared space to collaborate

Organize projects in folders

Preview and join projects

share with
a link

Restrict project access to invitees only when needed

Keep your personal stuff separate from team stuff

Personal projects
stay private here

Shared team projects live here

Get a holistic view of everything on your plate

Bring together all the tasks you’re responsible for

Group tasks per workspace

If collaborating in a “nice, clean, simple setup” sounds good, 
you can start a team for free today and upgrade as your needs grow.

What’s teamwork, anyway?

It’s not meeting after meeting in stuffy conference rooms or reply-all email chains. And it’s definitely
not some baffling spreadsheet-on-steroids software.

Our simple view: it’s human beings, empowered
to advance shared goals.

Teamwork can be as simple as:

Capturing ideas on the fly to share later

Simply knowing who’s doing what

Staying focused on what’s next

Communicating well

“Iterate and co-create”

We’re super thankful to the thousands of fearless teams whose feedback has helped us improve teamwork in Todoist in some really significant ways.

Now exploring


In progress

Team domains

Reordering Team projects

Use “Team discovery” to let anyone on your domain find and join your team.

Moving projects out of workspaces

Organize your team workspace with the same customized control as in your personal projects

Mobile team invites for iOS and Android

Collaboration is a two-way street, and soon — with your data security ensured — project moves will be too!

Grow your team from the comfort of your phone.

We know — it all sounds simple enough.
But what about in real life, complexities and all?

Join Amir as he shares the why behind team workspaces, and how Todoist helps him manage a global team spread across 36 countries... all while raising three kids!

Quick team tips from your pals at Todoist

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Calendar update:
Filters and labels are here!

Whether you’re Getting Things Done with labels, or customizing task views with your very own filters, now you can see just the tasks you want in our calendar layout!

You asked, we delivered — and
we’re just getting started...

Welcome to Enlightenment

When Todoisters reach our highest level of achievement, they know it’s about the journey, not the destination. But still — it’s a big deal! Congratulations!

Years ago I decided to declutter my mind and desk by switching to @todoist. Now I’m much more confident in my day and can add items on the go. Game-changer!

Collecting Karma points is fun — no doubt!
But we really designed them to encourage the habits we’ve seen help people the most.

Learn how to reap their benefits here!

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