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The Todoist Bulletin

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Templates Galore

This month, we’re going all in on templates.

Instead of staring at that blank project, use these ready-made solutions as a starting point to find your stride.

Join Stephen and Vivian for a look at our brand new templates gallery – now available, directly in the app.

Plus a peek at what’s in store for templates!

Too long, didn’t watch? Scroll down for all the details.

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Find templates right in the app

Todoist has always had project templates. But finding and actually using one was… a bit of a process.

That’s why we moved the templates gallery right into the app so you can copy them to your projects with a few clicks. No more back-and-forth between the app and our site. Just more time to start tackling your tasks.

How it Works

In the sidebar (or navigation menu on mobile), click the + sign next to My Projects, or your team name if you have a team workspace.

Browse a category or use the search box to look for a specific template

Select a template to get a closer look

If the preview piques your interest, select Copy to My Projects and dive in!

Staff template picks

My Monday mornings have turned into something I actually look forward to, all thanks to my ritual. 

– Denise

My life runs on YNAB and Todoist. All my recurring financial tasks are in my Todoist so I always feel on top of my finances.

– Becky

Developed by YNAB!

The best way to make sure your health goals don't get crowded out by all your other tasks.

What’s next for templates?

Our Templates squad is prepping exciting updates to enrich the gallery soon. All we’ll say is: get ready for the next evolution of templates...

And in the meantime, we’d love to hear your feedback on the new templates experience.

Organize your (entire) life with 10 simple rules

In her latest video, Naomi shares a simple framework to organize every aspect of your life – and keep it that way. She’s got practical tips to lift the weight of continual decision-making, boost your productivity, and reduce stress.


Prefer to read?

Check out the full
updated guide to dive even deeper into the Organize Your Life framework.

(with templates of course)

Quick tips to get the

most out of Todoist

Productivity expert @PeterAkkies on how to manage your team and personal tasks in Todoist!

How the Todoist team uses the board or calendar layout

How to use view options to filter your tasks

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Welcome to Enlightenment

50,000 Karma points may seem like a ton, but these newly Enlightened Todoisters show it can be done – one streak, one day, one task at a time.

Took almost 10 years and over 8000 todo tasks but eventually got there! Top productivity rating on

@todoist 💪 😎

7 years, 7 months, 1 week – thank you for helping me get things done for so many years!

@todoist Numbers alone aren’t important, of course. But I’m still super excited for this Todoist milestone of 100,000 tasks completed using Todoist over the last 7-8 years

Thanks for continuing to make my favorite software better and better!

Celebratory limerick of the month

With a hundred thousand tasks complete, It’s quite clear you’re among the elite.
Though your goal’s not numeric
We’re still awed by you, Erik,
And must honor your most epic feat!

I did it! (4 years, 9 months, 3 weeks, 1 day)